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Skyblock Reset [10 September 2021]


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- The current skyblock server will go down Thursday the 9 September, sometime during the day and rewards for that weeks island top competition will be issued then.

- The new skyblock reset will be released Friday the 10 September at 3pm EST (2pm for Omega ranked donors)

- New Spawn & PVP Arena


- Re-introducing paypal rewards. The top 3 islands will receive the following weekly:
#1- 50$ Paypal
#2- 25$ Coupon
#3- 10$ Coupon

- Updated the server to 1.16. Fear not you can still play on older versions although we will recommend you play on 1.16+ if you want to have access to our new resource pack which includes custom images/emotes in chat among other things. Examples:

(staff and global donor chat tags)

(medals that will display in chat if you are part of the current top 1-3 islands)

- Added a special system that makes view distance much higher on the server without nuking performance so you can see further than 4 now (which is what most servers set it to).

- Removed the old custom enchants system because even after many resets, it still remains highly imbalanced so now pvp on skyblock will be vanilla-ish with mcmmo. Should make for a more enjoyable pvp experience.

- Removed bundles from store as they were way too p2w/overpowered for the start of the seasons.

- Removed cactus height limits to promote farming.

- Removed spawner per island limits.

- Went back to iron/diamond/emerald blocks for island levels. This promotes having to work much harder to maintain a top position.

- Removed rankups/prestiges/croptop (this one might be re-added sometime later)/bounty plugins due to issues and imbalances. Also rankups and prestiges had no place being on skyblock.

- Updated to the new mcmmo plugin that came out for 1.13+, looks and feels nicer while retaining a similar gameplay experience.

- Introduced a mob arena, a fun little minigame where you slay waves of mobs and earn in-game money to promote non-afk gameplay during the early stages of the resets and to provide a fun little side game.

- Redesigned eco and /shop offering a ton of new version blocks to build and play with.

- Envoys have moved from the pvp arena to everyone's islands!

- Introduced a fully fledged casino with multiple fun games to try your luck out on. Credits to @Fomann and @R0H2 for the build


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