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Skyblock Reset Details
Hi guys, today we are announcing the next iteration of Momento Skyblock

Key Dates
Wednesday, 21/07/2021
- The Purge! Following the purge event, Skyblock will close to the public to allow us to apply the reset.
Friday, 23/07/2021 @ 2pm EST (7pm UK/8pm EU) - Skyblock Opens for omega Early Access
Friday, 23/07/2021 @ 3pm EST (8pm UK/9pm EU) - Skyblock Opens for everyone

What's New?
- New Rankup and Prestige systems. Prestige to unlock rewards. Highest prestige at the end of the season wins a $50 coupon
- Crops Top and Is Top competitions have had their 1st place prize reduced from $25 to $15 to reflect the lower difficulty of winning these competitions. We will constantly be reviewing the coupon rewards and will increase them again if there are more players competing.
- Parkour Top now has end of season rewards
- Less crates will spawn in envoys
- Smaller PvP and Spawn Area
- Missions have been revamped and made a lot more difficult so they can't be completed in the 1st week.
- Mission rewards have been buffed.
- Mission & Prestige rewards are limited to 1 account only.
- Weekly Rank Kits have been added back

Bug Fixes
- Crops top not counting some crops
- Fixed various typos in missions
- Various Performance Improvements

I look forward to seeing you all in the next Skyblock Season!
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Posted on Jul 18 2021