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Oneblock Release & Guide
Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new gamemode called Oneblock!

We have been working on Oneblock for a little over a month now and are pleased to be able to finally release it to you all!

Oneblock will release this Friday (06/08/2021) at 7pm UK Time (8pm EU, 2pm US) for Omega Early Access and 8pm UK Time (9pm EU, 3pm US) for everyone else!

Here is a quick rundown on how everything works

The Basics
You can create your island using the command /ob
Your island will start off as just one block. If you mine that block, it will drop itself and another block will spawn. From this you can get more and more blocks and build out your island.
There are no official competitions on this mode, we want to have another "friendly" gamemode like survival. It also allows us to put more into ranks as it can't be pay to win if there's nothing to win.

The server runs at 1.17 but is backwards compatible all the way to 1.8.9

You can level up your island by placing down blocks. Each level requires a certain amount of points to obtain and each block gives a set amount of points. At this time we do not have any diagrams to say what blocks give how many points but I will share some of the basic blocks

Cobblestone: 1
Planks: 1
Dirt: 3
Grass: 4
Coal Block: 9
Iron Block: 10
Gold Block: 150
Diamond Block: 300
Emerald Block: 500
Netherite Block: 750

Most other blocks give 0 or 1 points

Your island will lose points each time a member of your island dies.

Spawn will contain a leaderboard of the top 10 islands, however there are no rewards (except bragging rights) and it will not reset until the end of a season.

/ob - Main command, creates or teleports you to your island
/ob go - Teleports you to your island
/ob reset - Resets your island
/ob info - Display information of the island you are currently standing on or another players island
/ob settings - Manage island protection, permissions and various settings
/ob setname - Set the name of your island
/ob resetname - Reset the name of your island
/ob ban - Ban someone from your island
/ob unban
- Unban someone from your island
/ob banlist - See who is banned from your island
/ob expel - Kick someone from your island
/ob team - Manage your team
/ob sethome - Set a home on your island
/ob deletehome - Delete a home on your island
/ob homes - View homes on your island
/ob count - Show the block broken count and phase
/ob phases - Show the different phases
/ob level - Calculate your level
/ob top - Show the top islands
/ob value - Show the points value of a block
/ob warp - Warp to another players island
/ob likes - Open likes menu

Rank perks are fairly similar to that of Skyblock, with the rank names being different. More details on rank perks will be released closer to the time.

The rank names are as follows:
- Novice
- Apprentice
- Master
- Grandmaster
- Legendary
- Champion
- Visionary
- Cosmic

We hope you all enjoy this new gamemode, and the new community it will bring!
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Posted on Aug 01 2021